img_0993I am a Toronto-based writer, editor and researcher. I have also lived and worked as a journalist in France, Nepal, India and East Africa.

My writing has appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers including Canadian Medical Association Journal, The Globe and Mail, The Medical Post, Walrus, The Toronto Star, Chatelaine and Healthy Debate.  I write about a broad range of topics but I especially focus on health, science and human rights. I have received several awards, including a grant from Canadian Institutes for Health Research to investigate the level of integration of HIV organizations in the public health system in Malawi. I have a degree in journalism from Ryerson University and a Master’s in political science, with a focus on health policy, from York University.

Beyond the world of print, I have also worked as a researcher on documentary films, including Air India 182 and television series commissioned by the History Channel and The Nature of Things.